Conflict Resolution/ Anger Management Class

This course is designed to address many facets related to anger management and peaceful conflict resolution. Exercises are utilized to enhance participant interaction and to allow participants to practice new skills

Parenting Skills Class / Fatherhood

Parenting skills class offers the offender the opportunity to learn family systems and elements of a healthy emotional climate in the home. Also, teaching self-esteem and communication and how it is built in the family. 

Substance Abuse Education Class

This class is offered to the offender that does not have a history of substance abuse. Materials covered deal with the negative effect of drugs and alcohol abuse, which enables the offender to make informed decisions when it comes to substances. It is both educational and preventative.

Employ-ability Skills Class

Employ-ability skills class teaches the offender the proper way to fill out a job application, how to interview, and how to develop a resume. All residents of TCCPC are required to complete this class. For those clients without proper I.D., Social Security Card, services a re provided to obtain these mandatory forms of identification. 

Life Skills Class

This six session class attempts to teach values and proper decision making. This class enlists speakers from the community, such as the Domestic Assault Shelter and the St. Joesph County Health Department to name a few. 

Cognitive Restructuring Class Of The MRT Program

Cognitive restructuring class, or the MRT Program, demonstrates that the way we think influences the way we act. By giving different methods of thinking, we can influence the way one acts. The cognitive class utilizes Bush's material. Participation in this class is mandatory for all TCCPC clients. 

Money Management And Budgeting

Case managers work with the offenders in developing and adhering to a budget, seeing that court ordered obligations and saving money are met. Residents are taught the value of saving money to plan for future  needs and wants.

High School Diploma / Equivalency (GED)

Twin County works in conjunction with the Three Rivers High School / Adult Education Program to offer those clients who did not complete a formal education the opportunity to enroll in an on and off campus educational program.

Other benefits of TCCPC include the following

Work Verification / Problem Solving

TCCPC receives employment evaluations of our residents. If a problem exists, as identified by the work evaluation, the case manager will address this issue and work towards resolving the situation with the resident and employer.

Individual And Master Plan Development

With probation agent recommendation and case manager supervision the client will develop individual and master plans addressing orders of the court, client needs and the requirements of the twin county community probation program. These plans are designed to assist the client in staying on track during and after program intervention. 

Community Service

All residents are required to perform a minimum of thirty (30) hours of community service. All community service is recorded and placed in the resident's file.

Individual Case Management

The case managers meet with each resident on their caseload at least once a week. They are in constant communication with both the probation agents and the program director.

Referral To Existing Agencies

Substance Abuse:

  1. Community Mental Health
  2. Woodlands Addiction
  3. Local AA/NA Meetings
  4. Western Michigan University behavioral health services 
  5. Private Therapists 
  6. Transitional Wellness
  8. K2A

DASAS: Domestic And Sexual Abuse Services

Combines course lessons on planning, scheduling, and how to prioritize with relation trauma repair therapy for those who have had sexual and domestic abuse in their life.

  1. Individual Sessions
  2. Group Sessions
  3. Wise Women  

Mental Health Services

  1. One on one counseling
  2. Severe depression evaluation and recommendation
  3. Sex offender therapy
  4. Domestic violence therapy
  5. Group Counseling
  6. 24 hour emergency assistance

Three Rivers School Systems

  1. Remedial classes
  2. GED completion 
  3. Regular school (day/night/adult ed)


  1. Glenn Oaks Community College
  2. Southwestern Michigan Community College
  3. Kalamazoo Valley Community College
  4. Western Michigan University

Covered Bridge Health Care

  1. Physical (wellness) assessment
  2. Mental health assessment 
  3. Help and acquire insurance for clients (Medicade)
  4. On site Dr. visits
  5. Vivitrol shot

Private Healthcare

  1. Primary care physician