Property Amounts


Pants: Blue jeans/Work pants: 5 Pair

               Dress pants: 2 Pair

Shirts: T-shirts: 5  

                Long sleeve shirts: 5

                Undershirts: 5

Socks:   7 Pair

Underwear: 7 Pair

Shoes:    Work boots: 1

Tennis Shoes: 1 (2 pair allowed if no boots owned)

Sweatshirts / Hoodies: 2

Sweatpants / Pajamas: 1

Hats:  Winter: 1

             Baseball : 1

Coats: Winter coat or Cover-all: 1

               Light-weight jacket: 1

Gloves: 2 Pair

Belt:   2


Pillow:    1

Blanket: 2

Sheets:   2 sets

Personal Items:

Battery operated or wind up Alarm clock (no clock radio)

Laundry Soap

Fabric Softener (liquid)

Toothpaste:  1

Toothbrush: 1

Shaving cream: 1

Cologne: 1

Towels: 3

Washcloth: 3

Shower shoes: 1 Pair

Hair gel/Mousse (non-alcohol only)

Deodorant: 1

Shampoo: 1

Soap: 1

Razors: 1 Pack

Electric razor

Books: 2

Watch: 1

Wedding ring


Draw String Bag

Perfume: 1


Cigarettes (factory made only)

Religious reading material

AA or NA book


Pens and pencils

Writing paper

Post cards and stamps

Address book

Legal papers

Please keep in mind this is just a guide not a requirement. Items are not required to be brand new and can not exceed limit listed above.