About Us

Mission Statement


  • To encourage residents to be productive members of society through reinforcing the concepts of self worth, self respect and self esteem.
  • The purpose of TCCPC is to educate and encourage. Twin County not only provides an environment of accountability and responsibility, but also one for the opportunity of access to many services available to help the client manage their lives in a positive, productive and fulfilling manner.
  • In addition, the role of staff is to reinforce positive behaviors and decision making while addressing the consequences of the negative; and assisting the residents to look at different options and resources that are available. 


Begin To Choose The Road To Success

Established in 1979 the Twin County Community Probation Center is a private, nonprofit corporation which contracts with the Michigan Department of Corrections and its affiliates to provide community based probation residential and housing services. Current by-laws and tax exempt certificates are on file with the executive director's office. 

Our Purpose

The purpose of Twin-County Community Probation Center is to provide the offender with a secure and safe environment. One that promotes accountability, instills responsibility and affords the opportunity to gain access to the services needed to assist the client in addressing deficit behaviors.  Thereby developing the skills necessary in getting their lives back on track, become a contributing member of their community and get back to their families where they belong.

Our target population is non-violent offenders who, without program intervention, would spend their sentences in prison or jail. 

The goal of Twin County Community Probation is to work with the offender to establish individual plans addressing deficit behaviors, coupled with helping the offender establish future goals and plans of action. 


Twin County Community Probation Center Inc.  maintains a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on any forms of Sexual Abuse,  Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment.